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Understanding Sound Healing with Karen Awad

HOS 19 | Sound Healing


Every day, we hear a lot of sounds – some are pleasant while some are not. What most people do not know is that sounds have the power to heal us. Helping us understand sound healing is Karen Awad. Karen has 24 years of background in Energy Medicine with a focus in Sound Healing and Biofield Tuning. She shares the basics of what is sound healing and how it came to be her passion. Laying down its history, she takes us back to ancient civilizations, shamans, and the Bible. She also takes us inside our own bodies and the energy we hold within. Then tapping into the modern world, she talks about how social media has changed the way we communicate as well as how asking different questions can direct us to different paths.

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Understanding Sound Healing with Karen Awad

Our guest is Karen Awad. She has more than 24 years’ experience in energy and vibrational medicine, sound healing, guided imagery, plant and flower medicine, crystals and shamanism as well as bio-field tuning. I’m looking forward for you to know what she has to say about sound healing and how helpful it is to help people pursue the life of pleasure, purpose, and passion. She says, “Answers are easy. It is the questions that are tricky.” I look forward to what’s that all about. I am excited to have Karen here talking to us about sound healing. I can’t wait for you to hear about what she has to say about these amazing Tibetan bowls that she has. I’m so excited that Karen Awad is here. She is from A Harmonic Healing. We have been introduced about a couple of months ago from our friend Tracy Hazzard. I got to sit down and have lunch with her and learn a little bit about what she does. She’s local here in Orange County. I am so excited to personally experience this. Get interested in this sound healing thing. It’s fascinating to me. Karen, I am glad you’re here. Welcome to the show.

Thank you, Liz, for having me. I appreciate the opportunity. I’m excited that you get to experience sound. I get to share it with our readers. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome. I have a couple of questions. I want to have a little conversation because this is fascinating to me. I want to know what is sound healing and how did you personally become interested in it? Because what I know about you is that this is your passion and you’ve been doing this for years.

Sound healing has many definitions. I like to use the understanding that coherent sound restores wholeness and it returns us back to who we are. We all are affected by music. We all are affected by people’s voices. We all are affected by sound all the time. Innately, inherently, we know how much sound affects us. Sound healing is that focused deliberate input to bring us back to who we are. I got interested in sound healing many years ago. My interest in energy medicine and vibrational medicine started years ago. I studied all sorts of modalities. I trained as a guided-imagery therapist. I studied homeopathic medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Chinese medicine. I studied Reiki and Veda healing. All of those energies and practicalities and modalities that work with our energy body. When I came across the sound medicine, it struck a chord in me and lifted my spirits. It such a resonance with it that I continue to explore it. I’ve studied with a variety of practitioners in the field. Ancient civilizations have used sound healing for thousands and thousands of years. The Australians, the ancient aborigines used it 40,000 years ago for healing. The Egyptians have built amazing temples that they used for treating the whole of the being, for treating the whole of the person. There’s a long and beautiful history with sound healing. Once I began to express it myself, I knew that this was my passion. This is my practice. I oftentimes will combine it with a background and an understanding of plant medicine. With that resonance from a plant and I combined that with the sound healing, I’m able to take my clients to those places and give them the healing that they are looking for.

You had said a couple of things. You’ve said resonance. You’ve said chord. You’ve said tone. All of this stuff does speak music to me. I know that I’m very moved by music and especially certain chords and music. I’m interested in history. You had mentioned Egyptians and Australian aborigines. Can you give me a little bit more in-depth where did this start from? Another thing that I was thinking about is when I was a little kid, I grew up in Iowa and there’s this place called Maquoketa Caves. I’ve always been a singer. When I would go to these caves and stand in this cavern, I could sing a note. It would reverberate and it would be so beautiful. It would be so healing. It’s like when you go to those sacred cathedrals. The rooms are large and you can hear the sound moving. That’s where the power is. The truth is we are all energy. Every cell vibrates at a different frequency. Does this affect that? Is that why it is so powerful?

Our bodies are made up of so much water. What carries that sound four times greater than it does than air does. What happens is we are this electromagnetic being and that sound is a frequency. We are a frequency. We are able to use coherent sound to bring ourselves back to our innate resonance. What I like to focus on with my clients is using sound, specifically ancient Tibetan bowls and tuning forks along with some rattles and some other wonderful sounds to bring people back to their essential nature, to bring them back to their divinity, so that they can have that peace and clarity from the inside. To restore the integrity of their energy fields. The ancient people knew this. They understood that we have a physical body, that we have a mental body which are our thoughts and stories. We have an emotional body, which are all our feelings and emotions. Underneath all of that is our energetic body. It is our spiritual body and the ancient peoples, all of them around the globe understood this. They were master craftsmen and they listened to what their spirits told them. They built these pyramids. The Egyptians have that pyramid where the shaman would put the patient in a certain room. They would run water through the pyramid. The shaman by listening, using sound could tell by the way the water was running through the pyramid in relation to the patient where the ills of the patient were. This is a phenomenal practice that I would love to step back in time and learn where that possible.

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You think about going to like a spa and when you walk in, they’ve got the essential oils being diffused. You’ve got the water fountain. I know that whenever I’m near water and I hear the running of it, it is so calming. It’s so peaceful. I never tied it together. That that is an innate desire for my body to be drawn to.

Our bodies are very sensitive to sound. We’ve all been around a jackhammer and you get irritated or when the noise around you is too much, you can feel it. The stress builds up in you. Sound healing has been used and scientifically shown to affect blood pressure, heart rate, hormones. It is extremely effective at reducing stress and helping the body to come back to its original programming because it has that coherent frequency when it is done in a sound healing format that has the resonance with the energy body structure, that electromagnetic structure. We are a biocomputer. We are a bio current. That sound is a direct key into that doorway. When you stop and think about it, we listen for the birds to feel better. We tune out the jackhammers. We are constantly seeking sound. We can say to someone the same sentence but with a different sound in our voice, with a different energy and our voice. It means two entirely different things.

Tone is a thing.

It matters if you come in and go, “How are you today?” If you come in and go, “Good morning. How are you today?” you feel completely different because of my tongue.

It’s so funny because, in the world of social media and texting and hardly anybody communicating through sound, people don’t talk anymore. They text. You can get an entirely different vibe from somebody through a text. You may misinterpret the tone that they had when they were like, “How are you?” If you interpret it through a tone that isn’t so friendly, then you might think they’re being nosy. Isn’t that interesting?

HOS 19 | Sound Healing
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

It’s fascinating when you look back at the history of it. If you look at how important sound was in ancient civilizations and that’s what I love to focus on this. How did the ancient civilizations use sound? Each culture did it a little bit different, yet it’s all the same. How do they build a pyramid? How did they know to build a pyramid? You look at what they did in that timeframe. How the pyramids were built in the first place is fascinating and what they did in those pyramids? Understanding that when we hear ourselves say something out loud, it has a completely different experience than when we say it quietly in our minds. When I work with my clients, I give them questions to focus on because it’s the questions that make the difference in life. The questions direct our path. They are what we focus on. If things aren’t working or problems aren’t getting solved, it’s not the answers that’s the issue. It’s the questions. Ask different questions, you will get different answers and you will get yourself onto a different path. What’s key about those questions is saying them out loud because when we say something out loud and we put it into the form of a question, we are giving ourselves the highest support and resonance. We hear ourselves, that hearing, that resonance back into our ears from our voice gives us that doorway into the insight, into the clarity, into the knowing because it allows us that inward acceptance. That outward expression that gives us the a-ha moment.

When I started my podcast, one of the hardest things for me was recording my intro. What is this thing about and why am I even doing this? It’s because when you speak it out loud and it gets recorded and people listen to it, you’re inherently vulnerable. What I realized in this exercise of creating this Is Your Head on Straight podcast is that the people who want to read and the people who want to learn are going to. The people that don’t won’t and that’s okay, but if I am true to who I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing, I have to do what I’m called to do. This is one of those things. As a singer and as a performer, an actor and all these things that I used to do before I became a chiropractor, I don’t think that I don’t do them anymore. It’s applied differently now because I’m always on a stage and performing. You have to be able to get people to listen to you and you do that through perfecting your craft being a public speaker, being an educator and being a teacher. I remember being very self-conscious. Whenever I would hear myself recorded, whenever I would hear myself singing, it’s interesting how it sounds inside your head compared to what you hear yourself. I would always think, “Is that how I sound?” It’s all good.

Isn’t it interesting because we all have that inner critic and there are things that the inner critic we say to ourselves inside quietly, we would never say to somebody else out loud to their face? Yet we say it to ourselves quietly inside. One of the things I tell my clients is when they’re working through something, whether they’re charging forward on a new project or whether they’re dealing with an issue that they want to work through or resolve or a problem. I say to them, “The voice in your head that is causing pain, say it out loud, the voice that says, ‘You’re never going to get this right. This is not going to work out,’ or ‘It’s always going to be this way,’ or ‘You’re not going to solve that problem,’ or This is how your life is.”’ All of those voices, when you say them out loud and you hear yourself and you think, “Could I say that to somebody? Could I go out to lunch and say that to you? Never would I say that to you.”

When we hear ourselves, it is a biofeedback loop that elevates our spirit and brings our consciousness into the present moment. Eckhart Tolle wrote the book, The Power of Now and several others. When he had his programs on an Oprah, people were fascinated with how do you stay in the present moment. Interestingly enough, one of the most effective ways is to speak out loud every thought, be careful who you’re around. Hearing yourself because when you hear it, it pulls you into the present. When I’m working with my clients and I’m using the ancient Tibetan singing bowls, when I’m using the tuning forks, the sound brings them into the present experience with their body and with their spirit. It allows them to get back into their essential nature, into their knowingness and restores their inner net, not the Internet.

I was thinking when you were talking about ancient civilization. I’m a Christian and I love what the Bible has to say. It informs my life. There’s a story about the Walls of Jericho and the Israelites were charged with walking around the walls seven times. On the seventh time, on the seventh day, their instructions were to scream and shout and blow the shofar as loud as they could and that energy literally crumbled the walls. It took down a spiritual stronghold that was preventing them from “walking into the Promised Land.” If the Israelites used sound to do that and to inherit what God had for them, how much more can we use it on a regular basis?

There are many references in the Bible about sound and how critical sound is. The Vedic texts use reference sounds. If you look at all the religious doctrine from all the different perspectives, all of them without exception reference sound and the power of it. How much is that all the same?

It’s a universal principle. It’s outside of time. It’s outside of the human understanding. It’s cool because some people get weird if you say, “I’m going to do a sound healer,” or even people get weird about chiropractic. I want to defuse the weirdness of it all. I want to bring conversation. I want to bring enlightenment to these interesting practices that can be beneficial. It doesn’t have to be this weird spiritual thing although your spirit is being affected because we are a spirit that lives in a body and have a soul. If people understood that, everything that people do to try to balance themselves would get a little less funky.

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It’s interesting because chiropractic is one of those modalities that work with the body and with the spirit. Chiropractic is putting those two literally back into alignment That again is restoring that wholeness. It’s restoring that integrity because when your spine is subluxated and is out of balance and out of sync, the neural impulses cannot travel through the body. The communication is lost.

The tone is interfered with.

You cannot hear. The body cannot hear itself talk to each other. When you’re able to use your chiropractic and put that back into alignment, the body can hear itself. It can then work as a symphony. There’s a gentleman, Dr. Manners, he was a doctor of osteopathy. I’ve forgotten his first name. Many years ago, they described sound healing that it’s like if you take an orchestra and the wind blows the sheets of music off of the strengths. The pitch of the orchestra, which those violins hold is now gone. The whole orchestra is out of sync. It’s the same thing with the body. When the spine is misaligned, the whole body is out of sync because it has lost the pitch that’s holding it in place. The same thing is true with the sound. When the sound comes in is able to restore that integrity of the body, then the coherent energetic structure of the body is allowed to play in sync. The whole orchestra is allowed to be in sync then. You know this from chiropractic, if there is a vertebra that is subluxated in such a way that it’s causing so much interference and Chinese medicine does this, downstream, that part of the body is not receiving the nourishment. It’s getting stagnant because there’s excess above and there’s depletion below. The same goes true with chiropractic. Our bodies are designed to be a beautiful full orchestra. Our spirits are living in this body. It means to hear itself and it needs to hear coherent energy that allows it to stay together and play the song that it came here to play.

I love how everything ties in. I feel chiropractic is the foundation of everything. To understand the sound component to it, it makes perfect sense. Your eye can’t be as good as it is without your pinky. If you stub your pinky toe, you’re going to not see clearly because you’re going to be in so much pain. It’s all connected. It’s fascinating. Talk to me about the different tools that you use because we started with this incredible bowl and we’re going to end with it too. I hope that I get another little treatment because it was so energizing. It was unbelievable. I didn’t even expect for that to be. I want you to tell me what it looks like when you do an individual session and also when you do a group session? Because I can imagine that the dynamic with other people changes and it’s even more powerful like exponential.

I work with ancient Tibetan singing bowls. My bowls are from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and they were made by peacekeeping monks who poured their love and their intention into these bowls. The alloys don’t exist anymore. They are their own symphony. There I create a harmonic resonance when I play them for my clients. I have a variety of ways to play them. I have the ability to put people on my table into an individual personalized sound chamber. They are able to come back to themselves, get that state of deep relaxation. I do specific work to help people with hormones. I do an adrenal reset. I also do an activation of the pineal gland. Our pineal gland sits in the center of our brain. The pineal gland is the center of our knowingness. It’s those arms that reach out into the world and pick up that sensory information and says, “I know this and I’m on a lookout for that.” It’s that other layer of knowingness. I do a pineal gland activation. I do an adrenal reset to help people with their hormones and to deal with stress and to come back into balance with that. I do a lot of work with people’s spines energetically, which you do with chiropractic. I do with sound to allow their spinal system to come back into that state of ease and peace. You do need the physical. I encourage my clients to go get chiropractic care because we are a four-part being. We are part physical and we are part energetic. You must deal with physical. You must eat. You must sleep. You must drink water. You must get exercise and likewise to me, you must also go to a chiropractor. I have used chiropractic for over 30 years because you must treat the physical.

Because structure dictates function. When there’s an issue at the top, the things below get affected. I love how it ties in with the sound and the hearing because if the knee can’t ascend to where your low back is, the knee is going to be in a different space wearing out unnecessarily. If the spine was in alignment and it could sense itself, the knee would then align itself to the correct position.

HOS 19 | Sound Healing
Sound Healing: Our bodies are designed to be a beautiful orchestra. It is meant to hear itself and the coherent energy that allows it to stay together and play the song that it came to play.


A lot of knee problems or ankle problems come off the knee would come off the hip because it’s compensating. I work with Tibetan bowls. I also work with tuning forks. I practice something called biofield tuning, which was designed by a woman by the name of Eileen McKusick. She has quite a bit of information out there on YouTube. She did an interview on Open Minds on Gaia. She has developed a specific protocol using tuning forks to restore the integrity in the energy field. Your energy field extends for approximately five to six feet out. Think of it as rings on a tree. The field farthest away from you is gestation and birth. As you move closer towards you, that is your present day. All of our biologies is a reflection of our biography. Every experience we have in life is imprinted in our fields, not as we remember them, but as we experienced them. That’s what’s critical because when you fall off the tricycle at three years old and mommy and daddy are right there, but you don’t see them and you go into the state of panic. That’s imprinted in the field of abandonment. All of those things and all of those experiences in fourth grade when Johnny pick Sally over you and you’re like, “Why didn’t he like me?” That’s in that field. Never mind the fact that you understood it as an adult. Our experiences are laid down in our field as we experience them. What I’m able to do with the tuning forks and with the bowls in a different construct is to go in and bring a coherent vibration to that dissonance. One of the other ways I use sound and one of my other tools is toning. The ancient peoples would tone or use their voice to create a resonance. We do that. We chant. We speak. You talked about the Bible. We let out a shout of praise. Our voice is the tool of a sound we have.

The vocal cords are an instrument.

There are some people who can use them better than others. I do not sing. I let the bowls sing. I let the fork sing. I would tone with my clients. I would be working in their field. I’m kinesthetic, so I feel that energy and feel that sadness. I would tone with that sadness and the client would go, “I’m feeling sad.” I said, “Yes, I’m at an age so and so. I’m picking up a lot of sadness at age 23.” “That was when Uncle Charlie died and I never had time to grieve. How did you know that?” I said, “Because I feel sadness here on your field.” My toning along with bowls or the forks and in some cases, it’s all of us together, all three instruments give that validation, that witnessing because feelings buried alive never die.

What’s so cool is that in all this work that I’m doing in my own personal life, you nailed it. Validation and a witness has been so powerful to give me the ability to grieve in a way that it’s like okay because somebody acknowledges it. If you don’t ever address it, it stays. I’ve read this meme once, it said, “What you don’t heal, you repeat.” Would sound healing be something where you could use to go back and reintegrate a trauma that happened and make a difference for the future? Because a lot of people have experienced some traumatic things and then they have a PTSD experience where they get triggered. It doesn’t even have to be the same event. It could be a sound or a smell or a vision. All of a sudden, they’re right back into the trauma that happened to them 32 years ago.

That is because it is in our field. What’s interesting is when I’ve worked with clients and we’re dealing with something, I encourage them to simultaneously work with me with sound and to get to someone like you who’s an excellent chiropractor. I give my clients focus work when we leave a session to say, “This is what you said you want to achieve. This is how you get there. You have to understand that you have to work with the stories and your minds, the mental body. You have to feel the feelings that have been buried alive because they’re screaming at you to pay attention to them.” I give them tools and resources on how to feel their feelings so that they can get through them, not get drowned by them and not get lost in them. I say you need fiscal care in addition to the obvious sleep, exercise, you need to get to a chiropractor because all the sound mark in the world without the physical realignment is not permanent.

It’s going to be a temporary situation. That’s what I’ve seen with a lot of people that I take care of. They’ve been to all kinds of different practitioners. They’ve gotten temporary, if not even hourly help, but then it doesn’t last. That’s what I love about Blair chiropractic is that we get to the original source where the brainstem is and where the head and neck come together. Everything is informed. We fixed that and then everything has a better opportunity to come into alignment and fix itself. Our bodies were designed to be restoring.

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That’s critical. Our bodies were designed to restore. That inherent purpose is built into our physiology. It’s interesting because connecting the head and the body that our mind is critical and how we talk to ourselves. When we talk to ourselves out loud, how much do we learn about what we say to our bodies?

There’s a scripture in the Bible that says, “Speak those things that are not as though they were,” which is exactly what you’re talking about. I like often go to that and I often say, what is that thing we say, “What you think about, you bring about what you speak about, you bring about.” I’m very auditory. When I was in college, writing things down and looking at lecture slides and diagrams, it freaked me out a little bit. I can’t handle it. If I could hear it, I am auditory and kinesthetic. That’s why I love being a chiropractor because I get to hear the stories of people. I get to physically touch them and make a difference. They get to experience that. It’s awesome. I know you talked about individually what you do with people. You create a sound chamber. Talk to me about what you do in a group setting.

In a group setting where we’re not working with individual stories, I use the sound, I use the bowls to take people into that state of deep relaxation where they are able to come back to their inner-net, that essential nature, that divinity inside them. I’m creating an environment of peace and ease and relaxation. That is what the intention of the group event is. Everyone’s energy supports everyone else’s energy in that context. People are able to go, “Oh,” and let go. They feel so restored. I keep my events small and I give everyone the opportunity to sit or lie down, whatever they’re most comfortable. I take the bowls around them up close and personal. That they can feel that vibration move through them. Some people are sensitive to their energy bodies and can feel it and some are not. Some are not sensitive until they start working with me and my bowls. They’re like, “What is that?” I’m like, “That is your energy body.” They’re like, “Wow.” It’s a whole new awakening for them that they have never consciously specifically felt their energy body. They are able to when I’m working with the sound with them directly. The group events afford people the opportunity to come into that state of deep peace, ease, relaxation and also to get a few moments with a bowl of personally so they can have a sense of it. It’s a wonderful way for people, especially at this time of year, to take a moment out, nourish themselves and nurture themselves.

Can you do this remotely? Do you have to be present in the room? Is that more effective or can you do work with somebody over the phone? I’m sure there are going to be readers that are going to be in New Jersey. They’re going to want to know you, meet you and do your work, but they probably can’t get to Orange County.

I do the work remotely. What’s fascinating is I have clients all over the world. Because we are the kind of beings that we are, we are able to receive energy in a way that doesn’t involve us having to be in physical proximity.

I totally get that because I’ve had friends that are like a twin or somebody that’s close to like their mom or dad and something could be happening to that loved one on the other side of the planet. They sense it.

HOS 19 | Sound Healing
Sound Healing: What I like to focus on with my clients is using sound, specifically ancient Tibetan bowls and tuning forks to bring people back to their essential nature, to bring them back to their divinity.


We are a complex computer and our computer is able to perceive energy and receive sound. The clients that I work with who are not in geographical proximity to me, in the room with me, we are on the phone together and they are hearing the sounds. What’s interesting because I have some clients who live part of the year here and work in other parts of the world. They come to me for an individual session. They’re like, “I prefer it remotely.” Because when you’re in your own environment, when you’re in your recliner chair or in your bed, you’re able to completely relax. You’re not getting back on the 405 freeway when you’re leaving my office. You’re not going home and fighting traffic and taking out the trash. You’re already home. A lot of times my clients will set up the session for when their day is done or on their day off. I have many clients who have every other Friday off from every other Monday off and that’s how they start their days. We’ve got those regular appointment set up. They love the remote work more because they are able to receive the sound and receive the healing more because they don’t have traffic and they have not caught up in the physical logistics of coming to an office.

I’m glad to know that. Can you tell me about somebody that you worked with that was a skeptic? You had a big impact where they received what it was that you were bringing and then it made a massive change?

I had a gentleman and he was pretty skeptical but was interested. We had planned a session in person and then something came up. He at the time was geographically within reach. It was a bit of drive. He was like, “I’m just going to do this remotely. I’m doubtful.” I started working in his field. I was like, “Age such and such. What happened to your right ankle? I’m feeling a disharmony here, a dissonance.” I think you’re thirteen or fourteen, I don’t remember the exact age. He goes, “I broke my ankle at that age. How did you know that? I am hundreds of miles away from you and you’re standing in your room working with tuning forks and bowls and you can tell me that I broke my ankle at age thirteen?” I said, “There’s a dissonance there, I can feel it.” We kept working and I said, “I’m getting a lot of sadness around 21, 22, a great deal of grief.” He was like, “That was a breakup with a.” I was like, “There are some unfinished business and some healing that need to happen there.” We do the work and he called me maybe a week or maybe two weeks later. He goes, “You’re never going to guess what happened.” I go, “What?” He goes, “My ex-girlfriend called me.” I go, “Have you had any contact with her?” He goes, “Not for two years.” I was like, “Okay.” He goes, “We had talked and we’d done the work. I was clear when she called that what I wanted to say and what I didn’t want to say. I couldn’t believe how easy that conversation went because that healing had already begun in my field.” He was like, “How did she know?” It’s because we’re all connected. When you’re holding something from an old relationship, if they’re holding something as well, there is a link there.

That is an interesting concept to understand, for me personally, because there have been things that have been transpiring in my life that revelation has come. I’m like, “How interesting?” When I’m gone on this journey of self-awareness and healing on all levels to have this particular thing come up and be what it is and allow me to go through the journey. It’s interesting because the world is crazy. With all the fires, the shootings, the politics and the crazy things that even happened in a community where we lose loved ones unexpectedly. I feel like I carry this grief for people and maybe even somebody I didn’t know, but I consent how horrible it would be for their spouse or their kids. I sometimes can’t stop thinking about it. I wonder, would sound healing be able to help take away that almost overwhelming empath in me? Would it help regulate that?

Yes, because you’re holding that grief energy and that’s a big store in your field. It’s creating a dissonance in your field. What we can do is send love. We have to let it go. I’m an empath as well. Being from that place, if we don’t let go, it burdens our soul. It takes away from.

Ability to heal, ability to work, ability to give what we have to give because we’re so bogged down. I know that before I start my day, I pray and ask God to ground me and not let me take on everything. Because when you’re in the room with patients, you carry a lot. You hold a lot for them.

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One of the things that I do is I take some of my bowls that are more transportable. I go to the botanical park in Niguel and there are other beautiful places where I go. I will play the bowls for the trees, for the water, for the air, for the earth, for people and for the tragedies that happen. I will hold space there and send love and healing through the bowls, through nature because it’s also nature that brings us back to our essential selves. I do use the sound healing to send love to those tragic situations, circumstances to the firefighters, to the fires, to the animals who are being burned up in those fires. I also send a lot of healing to those people who are in so much pain. They have a need to wound others. That is the thing I said, “Wounded people wound.” The wounded people need healing. For those people who are struggling and who are doing their best to earn a living, raise their families, share with their loved ones and they’re coming from such pain, I send sound healing and sound love to all of the people on the earth, who are in pain because we are all connected. We are in this together. We can make a big difference. We all know how we feel when somebody prays for us. I’ve heard stories of you who’ve had healings. While I had this group praying for me, I had this one praying for me. That’s not the only thing that’s there because we do need our physical world. It’s so important to know that we can pick up the phone and say to somebody, “I know you’re going through a tough time. I want you to know I’m sending you some love and some healing.” The sound of your voice will bring them to tears.

I never even put that together, but yes, when people pray, they’re speaking out loud. That’s fascinating. It’s cool how it all comes together.

The giver receives pressure. There are many scientific studies done that when we are giving, the energy of love is coming through us so it’s healing us as we’re saying it. It’s saying it out loud, the power of a group. You go into something even like a sporting event where we do the national anthem and everybody’s standing together singing out loud. We feel better. We feel whole. We feel strong. We feel powered through that trauma because can you imagine if all stood there and sung it quietly?

I was at this Marine Corps band performance back in my hometown in Davenport, Iowa. The whole auditorium stood up and was singing God Bless America and it brought me to tears because the patriotism and the energy in the room and everybody had their hand over their heart. It was beautiful to see a collective group of strangers to me being in one accord. That was powerful and I didn’t even have the vernacular to understand it. You’ve given me the language and that’s neat.

Think about that. Think about how much our voices matter when we speak them and the power of that event for you and how much us hearing that. I’ve cried watching TV, hearing the national anthem, it moves us to tears. Sound moves our soul. It touches our spirit. That’s what I like to work with my clients is that I help them walk the spiritual walk in the material world using sound.

How can people find you? I know everybody’s going to want to know how to get this in their life.

HOS 19 | Sound Healing
Tuning the Human Biofield: Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy

I have a website. It’s You can reach me through that. There’s an email and contact information there. There’s information about all my events there. I’ve got several coming up in December in Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach and that information is on the website. There’s information about how sound works, the specific work that I do with tuning forks and biofield tuning. There’s work about the ancient Tibetan bowls and how I use them. There’s specific work on there about the specific things that I focus on, such as deep relaxation, adrenal resets, activating the pineal gland and some of the other services I provide. I also like to work with couples and that can be a family because the energy in a relationship has its own vibration. I had a wonderful experience with a couple. They were not married and they had been in a long-term relationship. The wonderful experience that they had, there’s no talking in that session. It’s all with the sound and I’m working with the energy between them.

They were able to get to a peace and an ease at end of that session and say things to each other they had not been able to say. Lift off some of the heaviness and the burdens and some of the old stuff that had been holding them each in their own respective camps. It was so beautiful to see them afterward. I like to bring sound in to restore wholeness and restore integrity, whether it’s your own individual energy field or whether it’s in a relational environment. My website has all that information. I look forward to working with people both in person and especially remotely. There’s a lot of opportunity there for people to find a healing that they may not have thought of and to restore that integrity of their energy field. To restore that wholeness so that they can get back to their divinity, to their essential nature and enjoy the life that they came here to live and to live the life that they desire. Our bodies have an inherent ability to restore and chiropractic works with that intent as to sound healing.

I am so glad that Tracy introduced us. I’m so glad we got to have this conversation.

Thank you all so much.

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HOS 19 | Sound HealingIn the course of seeking a fulfilling life of Pleasure, Purpose and Passion, I
continually learn how to ask the right questions. Answers are easy…it is the questions that are tricky. Questions focus the energy, reveal the story and direct the outcome. The questions I asked in my life have led me to a deep and varied professional background.

My business work included Strategic Problem Solving, Relationship Building,
Project Management and Community Outreach. My healing work includes a 24-year background in Energy Medicine with a focus in Sound Healing and Biofield Tuning. I use ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls and Tuning Forks to connect people back to their “inner-net” so they can experience their Divinity and strengthen their spiritual walk in the material world. My passion for Plant and Flower Medicine, Guided Imagery, Crystals, and Shamanism play key supporting roles in my work.

I am an adventuring artful storyteller, and I believe in “adventuring forth” in the kitchen, in Nature and in life. Deep, bold and brave, that is how I think and live.

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