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How To Build Confidence with Libby Jason

HOS 24 | Building Confidence


In today’s time, brilliance and skills are not enough to boost a woman to be recognized. The missing pieces are style and confidence, and that’s where Libby Jason’s passion lies. The author of Style REinventionist: Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman, Libby shares what motivated her to pursue confidence-building and networking as she recounts her transition from transforming table tops to transforming women to create their personal style. A style expert and speaker, she highlights the importance of self-care and releasing the things that no longer serve you to feel good. Also touching on the benefits of chiropractic, Libby gives her insights on how mothers overlook the value of taking care of themselves to lead by example.

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How To Build Confidence with Libby Jason

Using Style To Create The Life You Want To Have

My guest is Libby Jason. She is the author of Style REinventionist: Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman. She’s had a long career of helping women learn how to be empowered through style and confidence building. She has a 22-year background as well in skincare and cosmetics. I can’t wait for you to read what Libby has to say about understanding confidence building when it comes to your style.

Libby, I am so excited that you’re here with me. I can’t wait to talk to you about what you do and we do. I can’t wait for everybody to read what we have to say. Let’s get to it.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. I have had you on my heart to interview for quite some time because in my world, you’re the mentor for networking. You’re a networker extraordinaire. What I want to talk to you about is what you’re doing. Why don’t you tell us what you do?

Thank you, first of all, for having me. I appreciate it. My name is Libby Jason. I am a style expert. I’m a confidence builder, an author and a speaker. I emphasized confidence building because I network a lot. I see so many women that they’re in business for themselves. They’re brilliant. They are very skilled at what they do, they’re awesome women. I don’t see them having the confidence to present themselves in a business way that invites people to get to know them. A lot of it is how they dress and the image that they portray.

We live in a very judgmental world. Especially in Orange County, I never experienced it to the level that I experienced it growing up in Iowa. When I moved to Orange County, I realized the bar had been raised as far as how you present yourself with your appearance. I was at a comedy show. The guy was teasing about different professions. We got into a conversation about who loves what they do. I raised my hand, I’m a chiropractor who had this long diatribe about, “How does the chiropractor know that your molar needs to be replaced?” Then the dental hygienist chimes in and he said, “Do you experience people that come in and they tell you that they floss and then you pull an Oreo out of their mouth?” She’s like, “Not in Orange County,” because people are very conscious about how they look and how they present themselves. Obviously, there is massive importance to that. It’s not about vanity. It’s about believing in who you are and presenting yourself to the world because you believe in who you are.

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That’s the vibe that I’ve always gotten from you. I’ve gotten to be a part of your life for several years. Another cool thing that I want to shout out to Libby about is that for the last few years, Galina Denzel and I have had this thing called the Be Well Summit. She was the first person that signed up as a vendor. She has presented several different businesses that she does at our Be Well Summit. All of them have included confidence building, networking and helping people do better in business and feel better about themselves on a personal level. I know that comes from a place from your heart and in a place that’s loving, caring and genuine. How did you get into this?

First of all, as far as fashion and style and all that, my mom and I co-owned a boutique shop in Newport Beach. That was many years ago, but she was always a clothes horse. She taught me so many things. That was really valuable. Fast forward, I ended up starting a tabletop design business when people thought, “What in the world is that?” Nobody knew what it was. They said, “You go to people’s houses and set their table?” I say, “Not really.” At that time, everything was Noritake China, five-piece matching place setting, everything matched. I thought, “There are patterns, there are colors, there are so many different things, let’s change it up.”

I started that company so that I could express myself that way creatively and artistically. I also found that if I was doing a party for someone, say Fred Snerd and he loves to bike in Italy. That I would create an entire tabletop atmosphere that was all about Fred and all about him biking in Italy. All the guests that would come got to know Fred. That went well. I partnered with a personal chef. We had that business for probably thirteen years. It’s a very physical job, which was probably the one reason that I came for chiropractic care. I was hauling Italian dinnerware or all the different crates and things threw me out.

We called them tablescapes. It wasn’t as neat as what it sounds like you were doing because you basically were doing what people do now on a huge level for parties and scaled it down to the dining table, which is where the life happens anyway. That is an expensive hobby. My grandmother, when she was downsizing, selling the home after my grandfather had passed, she wanted me to inherit the tablescapes. I was like, “You’re lucky if I even get a paper plate on the dinner table.” It’s important to have dinner and my family does it every night together. At night, we don’t have any time for candles and ornaments. If we did, my kids will be throwing them across the table to each other. I can appreciate the beauty and the arts of that. I didn’t even know that about you. I love it when I interview my guests who are also my friends most of the time. That led you in that meeting a chiropractor, which led you to Well Connected Chiropractic.

HOS 24 | Building Confidence
Style REinventionist: Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman

I have a whole warehouse. I have props, tableware. I had everything. Consequently, I was the chief cook and bottle washer for a long time. I would hire college kids and stuff to do a lot of the heavy lifting. I quickly found that I had a completely different work ethic than a college kid. Even though they may have the brawn, I would be moving quickly and hauling a lot of things. My husband said, “You burnt out all the kids that work for you because your energy level is off the charts.” I said, “That’s a practice. I’m working on a farm, you get used to it.” What happened is, especially during the holiday time, I was moving so many things and lifting so many things that sometimes I wasn’t doing it correctly. You think you do but then you don’t. My family and my husband are all in the medical field. Quite honestly, going to a chiropractor was like, “You don’t do that because we’re from the medical practice.” I was also in healthcare previously.

My girlfriend said, “You need to get your back adjusted because you’re not going to be able to continue at the level that you want to unless things are aligned.” I thought, “I heard all these things.” She was great. She said, “You like shrimp, don’t you?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “Have you ever gone to a restaurant and had shrimp, but it wasn’t good shrimp? Would you go back to that restaurant?” I said, “No.” She said, “Would you stop eating shrimp?” I said, “No. I’d find somebody else that had good shrimps.” She goes, “Your view of what a chiropractor does may not have been what good care is.” I remembered that. I thought, “That’s valuable.” She had to load me in the back of her SUV, drive me over here. The reason I knew about the practice was through a networking group. She brought me in her SUV. They unloaded me. I was so bad that I couldn’t even walk in here. I couldn’t even walk in my shower. I felt better after the first adjustment. What I liked is that there were X-rays taken first, which gave me a comfort level. It was the best decision I ever made.

I love knowing because you have been a member of the practice for twenty-some years. Obviously, that pre-dates me about two decades, which is outstanding. I love that having to come into this amazing practice, I get to meet all these people that pre-dated me. You were getting Blair care before I even knew about Blair care and now I practice Blair. I love that you understand the importance of having your alignment because it helps you function.

Also, sleep. Just get through the day. Our head weighs so much, even if we don’t tough it up. I find with cell phones, we’re looking down a lot or driving, my arms are extended and a lot of those things, not even lifting. That by coming more often to make sure that everything is okey-dokey has helped.

I’ve noticed that because there were several years where you would only come in maybe once a year. It was after like, “I tripped and I fell,” or something happened. Now you’ve been a little bit more consistent with having maintenance visits because you want to maintain your whole. It’s not that you ever went out of been alignment because you’ve holding your upper cervical correction for years.

I fell down the stairs because I’m running down the stairs fast. I didn’t see the very last step. That was very exciting.

I always enjoy getting to take history of, “What have you done now? Is this the thing that’s going to knock you out?” Nothing has been able to knock that adjustment out so far. Libby Jason is the holder of all holders.

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I love Blair. What I found is there are not a lot of doctors that do it. I’m sure your audience already know. They have this machine that does that and that machine that pulls you over here. It isn’t. It’s naturally the way your body is supposed to be and your body knows what to do. Your body knows how to heal itself. Your body knows how to take care of itself. If we listened to what our bodies are saying, whether it’s nutrition or anything, we know what we need to do. Make it communicate with each other again and you will be fine.

Let’s talk about your husband because he is a medical doctor. He’s obviously a believer now because he sees that the Blair Upper Cervical Correction keeps you going. While we haven’t got him to become a patient yet, that is a goal of my lifetime. I’m so grateful that he understands the importance. It’s not like you get permission from him, but he values it. He says, “Have you gone to the chiropractor?”

He’s good. I’ll say, “I’m going to go over and get checked to make sure everything is fine.” He won’t say anything when he comes back. He’ll go, “How was it?” I’ll say, “I feel a whole lot better.” He’s like, “That’s good.” We haven’t quite got him there yet. We’re moving in that direction.

Meet people where they are and love them into where you want them to be.

“Do you want to see me on a gurney or do you want to go out to dinner?”

HOS 24 | Building Confidence
Building Confidence: If we listen to what our bodies are saying, whether it’s about nutrition or anything, we know what we need to do.


I know after you leave, you’re going to do snow skiing in Mammoth, so we keep you moving.

Yes, so I may be back.

I want to go back to confidence building and networking. What inspired you to get into that? I know that you had this business with your mom. This is not something that can be trained. This is an innate quality that you were given. Looking back as a young woman, where did you realize that this is where you wanted to head with your life?

I always wanted to do something creative. I did the design business and skin care cosmetics forever. I’m a great shopper. I can shop like nobody’s business. I used to re-arrange people’s furniture, all sorts of things. I sat down one day in my sixth decade now and I thought, “What are my God-given gifts? What am I gifted to do? What do I want to do and how can I pay it forward? What can I do?” This whole idea of being a style expert, someone else called me that. I didn’t even come up with that. She said, “You’re a style expert.” I’m like, “You don’t mean expert.” She goes, “Yes, you are. I have watched you for years.” I was like, “Okay.” She goes, “You should own that.” I’m like, “Okay.” That took a little while. However, when I take a woman shopping, first of all, I can find the best deals ever. It’s as simple as how can I make this woman feel loved, valuable, visible and feel confident?

When they’re confident, they stand up straighter. They look at you in the eye. They approach other people. Their whole body posture is completely different. Everybody has an amazing story inside. I’m like, “What story does your style say about you? Is it saying, “I love people, I’m smart, I think you’re terrific, I want to get to know you, I’m interested in you, I’m fun, I’m professional?” Or is it, “I’m invisible, I’m a shrinking violet?”” That’s not approachable. I personally believe in my faith, that is not how we’re designed to be. God wants us to express ourselves, share our faith. We’re all unique and fabulous. Show that and edify people. That’s a way to do that.

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As much as we are unique and awesome on the outside, we’re unique on the inside. That’s where that whole Blair connection ties back in because the way that we engineer the adjustment, it’s specific to the anatomy that you have. You’re the only person in the world that has it. That’s why we get the results we get, which is why you have been holding for so long and why you refer so many people here. I wrote an essay when I was a student. One of my favorite lines that I wrote was, “Clarity breeds confidence.” When you’re clear above, down, inside out, you’re going to be confident. If it’s confidence in who you are with what you do. You’re obviously a good style expert because other people are saying, “This is actually what you’re good at.” It was hard for you to see it because this is who you’ve always been. You embraced it. You gained confidence in knowing that clarity.

Personally for me, when I have revealed the truth about my life and the different circumstances that I’ve been through, I gained so much more confidence in my life, in my practice, in my marriage, in my mothering, in my being a friend. All of that became better because I was clear. I had the truth and I was in alignment. It’s such a powerful concept. That’s why this podcast is something that I want people to understand isn’t just about chiropractic. It’s the vehicle that I suppose I get the people to talk to through because of what I do. What I do enables people to live the life they weren’t given to live more effectively. That’s what I love about this is because when I talk to people, it’s all connected.

What I do is not about clothes. It’s not about clothes or lipstick or hair. I was working with a lady who always had her head down a lot. She lost quite a bit of weight. I said, “Good for you.” Her whole posture was leaning her head forward and her hair would fall into her face. She was not feeling good. Rounded shoulders, all the posture things that don’t help at all. When we’re working with her, I do a wardrobe and closet purge, which is very therapeutic. It is therapy because there are so many emotions tied to things. We do a closet purge for her. I was trying to show her, “Get clear on the colors that go with you. You are you.” People are like, “This person’s winter, this person is summer,” that’s great. The color of your eyes, your irises, everything is so unique to you that’s a good place to start, not necessarily where you want to end.

I found as we’re going through certain things, she tried them on and maybe this is too large or showing her waist to tell. She goes, “Is this a good color for me?” I said, “Go look at the chart. This is a custom design chart for you. You tell me.” After about an hour of her doing things, you could tell she was already standing straighter and feeling like, “I don’t think this looks good on me. No, this isn’t good for me either.” By the end of the four hours, she knew which would go. It was very easy for her to release the things that no longer serve her.

That is so powerful because there is so much strength in being able to make a strong decision.

HOS 24 | Building Confidence
Building Confidence: Feel good about the decision you make. It’s the boldness thing.


Feel good about the decision you make. It’s the boldness thing.

When you feel like you’re being directed and told what to do, you don’t walk in confidence. When you know that you’ve made a decision based on information that you understand and accept, it’s empowering. I definitely want to have you come and do a closet purge with me. I need some style and confidence boosting. I feel like I’m emerging even though I’ve been out of college for years. I still have this frugal mindset. When you’re in college, you’re poor, pizza and ramen noodles, and those are bad for you. I am like, “I am going to spend $50 on a bra because it’s important.” I feel so much more supported. I’m not even kidding you. Maybe this is TMI but when I bought a nice bra, I can do work and I had the best day ever.

It does go with what you do. Not only are you supported, like the girls are supported. At the same time, everything else is where it’s supposed to be. Everything’s where it’s supposed to be so you’re not putting more strain on your back because that’s trying to do something that wasn’t supposed to do. The undergarment is doing that so that the back can do what the back is supposed to do with the shoulders and the back. It changes your work.

My clothes fit better because I was more supported. I felt more confident because I didn’t feel like I was messy or sloppy-looking. It was a simple bra. Can you imagine if I went out and had pants that were tailored to my body and wore a sweater that was a little bit more high-end? I’m getting there. Thankfully, I am a little bit more successful and I can afford to do that.

How do we feel after we get our haircuts? In my case, once it’s colored, it’s like, “There are no bad hair days.” You feel great. You could be wearing sweats and it doesn’t matter. If your hair looks good, it’s a good day.

It’s the same thing with my eyelashes. I have had my eyelash extensions. It’s not about vanity. It’s about confidence. I’ve got them as a gift from two of my girlfriends when I was pregnant with Claire. When you’re pregnant, you don’t necessarily feel you’re most beautiful. Your body is growing. Things are moving. You’re getting bigger. They got this for me as a gift on my birthday. For years, I’ve had my eyelashes and I promise you, my eyelash extension girl gets probably five people a week from me wearing my lashes because they are so pretty. They look so natural. I love being an eyelash model because being a model is never something I’ve ever considered myself. I’m an eyelash model. I send her business all the time because I am confident with the way I look. I hardly ever have to wear makeup because I feel beautiful knowing that I’ve got my lashes on.

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing, but you feel empowered. You feel great.

Honestly, Libby, every time I’m around you, I feel edified. I feel lifted up. I feel supported and loved. I’m so thankful for that. I know that you do that for every other person that you’re around.

We don’t hear edification very often. Sometimes, you’ll do something and you’ll walk out the door and go, “That was a nice guy.” Go back and tell him, taking two seconds to say, “You’re nice. Thank you,” and use their name. It’s a fraction of a second in your day. That teller in the bank maybe hasn’t heard a nice word for a long time.

That’s a great encouragement to notice something and say it. It isn’t done often, but I know when people have made comments to me, strangers out in the public, it changes my entire day.

You were talking a little bit about self-care. You said it’s not vanity, it’s taking care of yourself. One thing I find a lot, especially women of younger kids. We do everything for our kids. We do cartwheels for our kids because we love them. We would go without so that the kids have X, Y and Z. It’s good to a point. One woman that I was talking to, her self-care was much non-existent. I said, “You want to be a good mom?” She said, “Yeah.” I said, “You’re teaching your daughters not to care for themselves because you lead by example. Not that they shouldn’t see mom’s sacrifice or do this or that, but they need to see mom’s getting a massage. Mom wants to take a bubble bath today. Mom got a new blouse.” They need to see that you value yourself. You do that with them but you do that for yourself and for others.” The Bible says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Not instead of, in place of, but you want to take care of yourself too. You set that example that you’re valuable, you’re important and self-care is not selfish. It’s self-care.

It’s necessary and it’s vital. I’ve learned that so much in the last several months. My daughters have seen me go through the gamut of emotions. They see that if I need to cry because for a long time I would hold it in. I would try to be strong, but that didn’t serve me. It made me sicker. I totally resonate with that. I’m so thankful that you brought that up. Libby, how can people find you? You obviously have something that the world needs to know. I have people that read this all over the world. What if somebody from Denmark wants to get ahold of you?

You can go on the web, I made it really simple. In there, you can get access to my book. It’s on Amazon. You can go through there. What I offer is a complimentary clarity call and they can schedule that right on the website. It is an opportunity to talk about them and what’s important to them. If there’s a way that we can fit, great, and happy to do that. They get a freebie too if they go on the website,

This girl has got swag, so you want to get on that. We covered clarity. We covered confidence. We covered a bit of edification, self-care. What else can we talk about? You’ve got to get to the mountain. I’ve got to get to work. I get to love on people all day long and I’m excited to do so. Libby, this was a very delightful conversation.

Thank you so much for having me. I’m glad to be here.

For our audience, stay tuned. You’re going to read more awesome things coming up on our next episode. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can find me at You can always email me at Thanks.


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About Libby Jason

HOS 24 | Building ConfidenceStyle Expert ~ Confidence Builder
Libby is the author of Style REinventionist “Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman”, available on Amazon.
Libby’s previous 13-year table top design company focused on mixing styles, patterns and colors for her high-end, referral-only clients such as baseball’s Mark McGwire, music’s Destiny’s Child and California’s Governor and Senator staff/cabinet members.
Libby transitioned from transforming table tops to transforming women by helping her clients create a personal style, attract the business they want or step into their power on the speaking stage.
In addition to design, Libby previously co-owned a fashion boutique in Newport Beach,
California, and she also has a 22 year background in skincare/cosmetics. Libby understands a client’s confusion with fashion options, helps them to take the next step for an empowered presence, elevate their mindset, and feel visible and valued at any age.
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