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At Well Connected, we offer gentle, yet effective, chiropractic treatment for all ages using the Blair technique – a specialized upper cervical technique that never involves twisting, cracking, or popping of the neck ever, as well as massage therapy, cranial sacral and nutritional guidance. We’ve had tremendous, tangible success with patients experiencing a multitude of symptoms ranging from neck and back pain, sciatica, post-concussion syndrome, migraines and more.

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(949) 359-8385 26302 La Paz Road, Suite 214, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Seizures And Epilepsy Treatment

A Natural Treatment Method For Seizures and Epilepsy

What are Seizures and Epilepsy? Seizures are caused by an electrical disturbance in the brain; this can lead to the brain firing signals uncontrollably. Many different conditions can cause seizures, but epilepsy is the most common cause. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that triggers seizures. Some 3 million people in the United States suffer from epilepsy; one in ten people will suffer from at least one seizure in their lifetime. Epilepsy or recurring seizures can…

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Allergy Treatment

Upper Cervical Chiropractic Can Help Alleviate Allergy Symptoms

What are Allergies? When your immune system is confronted with certain foreign substances, this can trigger an immune response. This response is what we know as allergies.  Different substances and pathogens can trigger different types of allergic responses in different people. Some common allergens include pollen, mold, dust, dander, fur, or certain fragrances. Some people are allergic to insect bites, certain types of medications, or even certain types of foods. Sometimes allergies can be mild,…

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Diabetes Treatment

Can The Blair Chiropractic Technique Help With Diabetes?

What is Diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic condition characterized by a body's inability to use, maintain, and store glucose. Once a fairly rare disease, diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. Some 10 percent of adults in the U.S. suffer from diabetes, and that number is rising at an alarming rate.  Diabetes is thought to be caused by a defective pancreas, poor diet, or a sedentary lifestyle. One potential cause that often goes…

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Asthma Treatment

A Gentle and Effective Chiropractic Treatment For Asthma

What is Asthma? Asthma is a lung condition that causes the lining of the airways to become swollen and inflamed, and the surrounding muscles to constrict. When this happens, the airways narrow and breathing can become difficult.  Asthmatic attacks can vary in severity. Mild cases may cause discomfort and decrease a person's ability to do certain activities at certain times, or under certain conditions. More serious cases of asthma can be debilitating, resulting in respiratory…

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment

An Alternative Treatment For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Chronic fatigue syndrome is a sleep disorder characterized by long-term extreme fatigue. Doctors have debated the cause of this syndrome, debating whether it is due to a viral infection, stress, or lack of exercise. New research shows that chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by a misalignment in the upper cervical spine.  Signs and Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome People with chronic fatigue are constantly tired, to the point at…

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