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HOS 015 | Women in Leadership
Every little girl’s superhero is her dad, and their mom is the champion of their life. This is how Dr. Leslie Hewitt knew that she was born to be a leader. Her parents imprinted in her at a very young age the powerful principles of women in leadership. From an accident that put her in a coma at the age of 16 with no neck rotation, it was chiropractic that changed her life two years later. As the President of the California Chiropractic Association and the Owner of Anatomy Power Chiropractic Wellness Studio, Dr. Hewitt is doing an admirable job of promoting women in leadership through connection, collaboration and celebration. — My guest is Dr. Leslie Hewitt, the President of the California Chiropractic Association. California
HOS 14 | Blair Chiropractic
Jean learns how aging is not a life sentence and the pain she’s experiencing may have originated from a misalignment in her neck. After falling on the floor and passing out for unknown reasons, the doctors told Jean that the discs in her neck have collapsed and that she needed to undergo neck fusion surgery. The surgery was successful but unfortunately, the pain persisted. Jean shares her story of discovering Blair Chiropractic and how they helped with her rehabilitation and healing. Listen to the podcast here: Where Neck Fusion Fails, Blair Chiropractic Corrects My guest is an incredible guest who I’ve been pursuing for probably a couple of months and begging to come on my show because her story is outstanding. I want to introduce
HOS 013 | Body Imbalance
There were a lot of things off with Tommy Del Favero like foot instability and body imbalance He received adjustments before but nothing was working until Tommy’s neck was adjusted through Blair Chiropractic. After 40 minutes, Tommy felt better and his right arch was activated again. He shares the whole process of correction from his Atlas and how helps client’s adjustment smoother. Listen to the podcast here: Foot Instability and Body Imbalance Restored with Blair Chiropractic I’m super pumped about my guest because he is a newer patient to me, although I’ve known him for a few years. I’m excited for him to share his story about what Blair Chiropractic did for him in his life and how it’s impacting the work he does. Welcome
Just like our nervous system runs every system in our body, our soul appropriates all the different emotions when we are in pain. Elizabeth Cappellitti’s practice, the Mind Body Wellness Center, believes that if there is no balance between the mind and the body, then there is no balance in health. We can go to mental health experts and ask for council, but as long as we feel a continuing physical pain there will be no improvement. There is a need to manage the two properly and this is where Blair Chiropractic works the best. Elizabeth shares her stories of how Dr. Hoefer helped her and her family feel the balance of mind body wellness.   Listen to the podcast here: Whole Mind Body Wellness with Elizabeth Cappellitti Welcoming my guest back Elizabeth Cappelletti for
HOS 11 | Eliminating Crippling Low Back Pain
Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic has always been about gravity and how to translate it into a corrective procedure in the most effective way possible with the least amount of resistance. It has been eliminating crippling low back pain with no twisting or popping involved. What really happens is that your neck is adjusted to sit on top of your head the way it was designed so that your lower back can function properly. Elizabeth Cappelletti shares her stories of suffering from crippling lower back pains and how she felt relief when she was adjusted by Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic. Elizabeth Cappelletti is a Marriage and Family Therapist that uses a whole body approach to help her clients feel better from an emotional standpoint and a
HOS 010 | Trauma Work
The mind sends instructions to the body, making it respond and decide when it feels something. But there is also a process where the body sends experiences to the mind and it then makes a decision as a response. Cervical correction makes sure that these processes are not interrupted. But when they do, trauma work specialist Galina Denzel explains to her patients the biology that is happening and what they can and should do about it. Learn how she makes sure that the Atlas and its axis are in alignment so that the structure of the nervous system is working and able to make accurate decisions that the body needs. Listen to the podcast here: Trauma Work: Important Concepts And Implications with Galina Denzel I’m
HOS 08 | California Chiropractic Association
Every patient is a different and unique case, which is why the California Chiropractic Association has become an organization that represents the diverse voices of chiropractic. Student Intern from Southern California University Health Sciences, Arash Aalem believes that the CCA is really putting out the word that instead of being ego-driven. Chiropractic needs to be patient-focused and so should the continuing education. There is a need to direct every patient to the right doctor. Learn more of Arash’s advocacies as a student leader in the CCA. Listen to the podcast here: Student Leadership in the California Chiropractic Association with Arash Aalem I’m excited about the guest that I have. I want to give you a little introduction. My friend, Arash Aalem, is here and he is
HOS 007 | Blair Upper Cervical Correction
Living a life feeling abandoned and hopeless can lead to depression and suicidal behavior. Dr. Liz Hoefer went through all of this and chose to live and build a better life for herself and for her daughter. But it wasn’t until a college friend referred her for a Blair Upper Cervical Correction ten years ago that Dr. Hoefer found out the true reason why she had this black cloud of depression constantly floating above her. Listen to her personal story and learn why she is so passionate to share it. Listen to the podcast here: My Story of Hope – Beginning With Blair Upper Cervical Correction I’m going to be sharing an important story that’s really near and dear to my heart because it’s my
HOS 006 | Starting in Practice
The ultimate reward in chiropractic is giving life back to people who have given up on it. Dr. Kevin Pecca is no stranger to these miracle cases and long healing processes. Learning from his mentors, Dr. Kevin knew that in order to become the doctor he wants to be, a change in him needs to happen. Chiropractors starting in practice need to know what they are doing and they need to give 100% at all times. Learn why there is a need to see how the process is done by those who came before you and trust that the healing is taking place. Listen to the podcast here: Starting in Practice and Putting Your Heart in 100% with Dr. Kevin Pecca I’m excited about my
Tracy Hazzard is an Inc. columnist and a long time patient. She first got into Blair Chiropractic after she was in a car accident. She saw the benefits so now her whole family gets adjusted. She talks about her young daughters and the stories of why they had them checked and what the benefits were even at such young ages. Listen to the podcast here: The Importance Of Blair Chiropractic For Entire Families with Tracy Hazzard I am so excited about my guest today. Tracy Hazzard is an Inc. columnist. She and her husband, Tom, are the reason why this podcast even exists. I’m really excited to introduce you to Tracy. We’re going to talk today about her being my patient at my Precision Chiropractic