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HOW We Can Help

It all starts with understanding YOU. We will listen to your story. Where you have been physically, emotionally and mentally tells us how you are in that moment and how you will heal. We care about that. Acknowledging what you have been through, whether recent or something that has bothered you for years, gives us great insight into how your body will recover after an adjustment is made. The body remembers everything it has experienced. Uncovering these traumas will allow us to truly understand the root issues and deliver the best care possible.

WHY We Can Help

We determine the way in which the nervous system is not functioning optimally by understanding the relationship that the cervical spine has with the brain and the rest of the body. When we study the anatomy of each joint segment in the neck and how those joints fit together, it allows us to address the problems we find and restore proper nervous system function. Structure always dictates function. We ensure your structure is properly aligned to maximize optimal health and wellness.

WHAT We Do To Help

Blair Upper Cervical Care is based on a detailed analysis that results in spinal corrections that can hold for weeks to months and even years. Although the up-front expense of the x-rays and exams required for this thorough analysis may appear high, because this treatment approach requires far fewer office visits than other approaches, the total cost is actually quite a bit less than with other treatment plans.


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