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Our Services


A Collaborative Approach To Your Healthcare

Chiropractic Care

Keeping you free from nervous system interference is the name of the game to keep you well connected. We trust the innate intelligence inside your body to heal you when given the proper opportunity. Our job is to set the stage for your body to show off what it is really good at:  HEALING and BEING WELL.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an integral part of our care to help you stay well connected. We believe that supporting the soft tissues after the customized Blair Upper Cervical adjustment has been delivered allows the body to fully integrate the healing potential when in alignment. Our therapists are well trained in how to support the body, especially the neck, to maintain the customized correction and move through the healing process in the best way possible.

Functional Medicine

Fueling your body is an essential part of staying well connected and in alignment. You are what you eat. You are also only as good as what you can actually assimilate. We have advanced screening tools that determine EXACTLY what you need to have in the form of real food and supplementation. In some cases, it will also guide you on what to stay away from, which is very valuable information too.  We believe that by supporting your body through an individualized plan of nutrition and supplementation, the chiropractic adjustment can hold even better and you will be able to experience increased well-being.

Cost of Care

The care we offer is designed to stabilize your nervous system with the least amount of intervention. Because of that, many people find our care completely affordable from both a financial and time perspective. The cost of our care is consistent with other doctors who do the same level of examination, digital imaging, and specifically engineered adjustments. We have affordable care packages that will maximize your health care results while minimizing the cost. If you have insurance, we will gladly bill your out of network insurance benefits. If you are a veteran, we do participate in the TriWest Network and look forward to working with your referral form the VA. We also bill Medicare when clinically appropriate. Our staff is happy to verify the level of benefits your particular plan offers.