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At Well Connected, we offer gentle, yet effective, chiropractic treatment for all ages using the Blair technique – a specialized upper cervical technique that never involves twisting, cracking, or popping of the neck ever, as well as massage therapy, cranial sacral and nutritional guidance. We’ve had tremendous, tangible success with patients experiencing a multitude of symptoms ranging from neck and back pain, sciatica, post-concussion syndrome, migraines and more.

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Phone: (949) 359-8385
Address: 26302 La Paz Road, Suite 214, Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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(949) 359-8385 26302 La Paz Road, Suite 214, Mission Viejo, CA 92691
HOS 34 | Master Your Mindset

Master Your Mindset With Dr. Barbara Eaton

  Are you overwhelmed by your fears, preventing you from moving forward towards your goals?  Dr. Barbara Eaton is an expert at inviting you to shift and master your mindset. In this episode, you will have an incredible opportunity to hear how she coaches. Dr. Barbara explains that taking one day at a time, not being afraid to ask for help, and staying consistent are excellent ways to master your mindset. If you want to gain…

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HOS 33 | Intern

Intern Interludes With Whitney Marsh

  At Well Connected Chiropractic, things have been growing fast! We have welcomed our newest intern, Whitney Marsh, to the crew, and we are thrilled to hear her perspective on what Blair Chiropractic care means to her. In this episode, she joins Liz Hoefer to help us get to know her, learn about her story and how her life has changed since her correction. She has wonderful insight and is a fantastic addition to our team!…

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Tell The Chiropractic Story! With Jim Chester 

  One of the real big problems in chiropractic is how people misunderstood about why chiropractic works and what different chiropractic practitioners do. It is time to get clear on those once and for all by telling the chiropractic story. Liz Hoefer is joined by someone who is greatly qualified to do that. She sits down with world-renowned chiropractic advocate, chiropractic documentary film director, and host of the Chiro Hustle podcast, Jim Chester. In this candid…

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HOS Rose | Emotion Code

Understanding The Emotion Code With Rose Morro

  Nothing teaches better than experience. Energy healer Rose Morro’s journey began many years ago from a personal family tragedy. Courageously getting out of that, Rose is now helping many others heal from their own emotional traumas. In this episode, she joins Liz Hoefer to share with us all about The Emotion Code and what she does through energy healing and Blair chiropractic. She talks about the importance of understanding our emotions to our healing…

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HOS Dr. Daniel | Change Careers

From Educator To Doctor With Dr. Daniel Kimbley

  There are myriad of reasons why people would change careers even when they're in the midst of pursuing another, but it all boils down to seeking out one's truth. This truth, this core curiosity, is one that we spend our entire careers satisfying, so if that truth leads you to a different path, then you must follow. Dr. Daniel Kimbley is the owner of Nexus Family Chiropractic. He joins Liz Hoefer to talk about his decision to…

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