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HOS 25 | Precision Chiropractic
  How can you distinguish a true master from a sea of experts? In chiropractic, trusting your spine to a chiropractor is as risky as not taking a risk. One such master is Dr. Alfred W. Tomp, an upper cervical specialist at Precision Chiropractic who has helped many people by meticulously treating each person the same way he would treat a close family member. With 27 years of experience in chiropractic, Dr. Tomp walks us through what drove him to this profession and some of his cool and unforgettable cases with our patients. — Listen to the podcast here: Precision Chiropractic with Dr. Alfred W. Tomp Special Interview With The Man Who I Have Worked With For Almost 11 Years. Special Announcement At The End
HOS 24 | Building Confidence
  In today’s time, brilliance and skills are not enough to boost a woman to be recognized. The missing pieces are style and confidence, and that’s where Libby Jason’s passion lies. The author of Style REinventionist: Fashion and Style Tips for the Ageless Woman, Libby shares what motivated her to pursue confidence-building and networking as she recounts her transition from transforming table tops to transforming women to create their personal style. A style expert and speaker, she highlights the importance of self-care and releasing the things that no longer serve you to feel good. Also touching on the benefits of chiropractic, Libby gives her insights on how mothers overlook the value of taking care of themselves to lead by example. — Listen to the podcast
HOS 23 | Radiology Technologist
  People’s common perception of what radiology technicians do is limited to the idea of them just taking x-rays. What many do not know is that there is so much more to the job than that, and Heather Moore, a certified radiology technologist in the state of California who has been working at Precision Chiropractic for almost six years, tells us all about it. Among her other hats, Heather is also the office manager of the clinic. She shares what a typical day in the life of a radiology technologist looks like on top of being a chiropractic assistant, a manager in a busy chiropractic office, and the best rad tech west of the Mississippi. — Listen to the podcast here: Confessions Of A Radiology
HOS 22 | Blair Chiropractic
  Pro hockey player Chad Nehring almost stopped being a player when a nasty hit out on the ice led him to a career-ending injury. Fortunately stumbling into Blair Chiropractic, he was able to get back to being ranked 14th in Germany after his Blair upper cervical adjustment. Chad takes us into the journey of how got back up from that tough part in his life. He shares how Blair Chiropractic helped him with that while giving advice to those who have been dealing with the same trauma. — Listen to the podcast here: Pro Hockey Player Chad Nehring on How Blair Chiropractic Saved His Career Welcome to the show, Chad. I’m so excited that you’re here with me. I want people to hear your
HOS 21 | Good Plan
  Julie Laughton, CEO of her own Design Build firm, tells us what it’s like being a woman in a man’s world. Leading the way for female entrepreneurship, she offers a fresh perspective on being one of very few women who owns and operates her general contracting firm in Laguna Beach, CA. She shares the challenges she faced as well as the realizations in her capabilities, bringing to light the amazing things women can do just as much as men. Julie also credits her ability to do her job well with being under Blair Chiropractic care, showing the balance of health and work as part to success. — Listen to the podcast here: It All Starts With A Good Plan How Julie Laughton Is Trailblazing New
HOS 20 | Gut Health
Maria Aparis, inspirational and motivational leader and speaker, suffered the most extreme symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease for years that no one could help her with. She saw every kind of practitioner imaginable. Finally, she started listening to her gut and began trusting her innate wisdom. She figured out how to heal herself apart from what everyone else was telling her to do and went natural. She shares that journey with us and what led her to write her new bestselling book, The Essential Gut Awakening. — Listen to the podcast here: Healing Hashimoto’s with Maria Aparis A Look Into Her New Book: The Essential Gut Awakening My guest is Maria Aparis. She’s an accomplished author, an inspirational and motivational leader and speaker. She helps her clients
HOS 19 | Sound Healing
  Every day, we hear a lot of sounds – some are pleasant while some are not. What most people do not know is that sounds have the power to heal us. Helping us understand sound healing is Karen Awad. Karen has 24 years of background in Energy Medicine with a focus in Sound Healing and Biofield Tuning. She shares the basics of what is sound healing and how it came to be her passion. Laying down its history, she takes us back to ancient civilizations, shamans, and the Bible. She also takes us inside our own bodies and the energy we hold within. Then tapping into the modern world, she talks about how social media has changed the way we communicate as well as
HOS 18 | Financial Advisor
You might think you don’t have any money so what do you need a financial planner for? Kamron Nahavandi financial advisor who will actually help you make money. As an independent financial advisor located in Orange County, CA, Kamron Nahavandi’s focus is on providing clients with top-notch customer service in the areas of retirement planning, wealth management, estate planning, life insurance, and full-service financial planning. His mission is to offer products and services to investment clientele using the highest standards of ethics, and assisting individuals, families, and business owners in accumulating, preserving, and passing on their wealth beyond expectations. — I’m really excited about my guest, Mr. Kamron Nahavandi, who is my personal financial advisor. He is located in Orange County, California. He focuses on
HOS 17 | Philosophy-Based Communication
You can affect the whole spine by moving one bone, the Atlas. That statement is the foundation of everything Dr. Andy Gibson has been working on. Laying face down in his own chiropractor’s office, asking details about the science of chiropractic care, he was asked the question that would forever change his life, “Andy, have you ever considered becoming a chiropractor?” His own chiropractor’s words sealed the deal that led him to go back to school to finally do the work he believes he was meant to do. He is now founder and clinic director at Gibson Upper Cervical Chiropractic and was named Blair Chiropractor of the Year in 2013 by the Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society for his unique philosophy-based communication style and passion
HOS 016 | Functional Neurology
Chiropractors use adjustments to restore joint function and support the nervous system. In severe cases like a nasty car accident where the patient suffers a concussion, there is only much chiropractic can do. They can move the bones out of misalignment and allow the CSF, blood, and majority of the nerve information to transmit the way they should, but they don’t have the skill or the tools to fix the concussion specifically. This is where the fine tuning of functional neurology comes in. Functional neurology, simply put, is the intricate understanding of the nervous system, what looks normal and what doesn’t. Dr. Julie Brown is a functional neurologist chiropractor whose vast training and passion for helping people enables her to offer help to those who